Denim Family

Hi There!

So, I am in love with anything denim!  I’ve always wanted to be in a 90’s denim on denim on denim family photo where the dad is rocking a mullet and a bolo tie and all the mom has massive magnified eye glasses on that are the color pink.  I will for sure have one of those family photos one day!  (Daniel, get your mullet growing and find a sick bolo tie.  This is happening whether you like it or not!)  In a few (10) years or so, you will have to check back for those photos.  I for sure have to have kids so they can bask in the glory of the awesomeness of denim on denim on denim.  Plus who knows, the mullet could be trendy again!  Anyways…  About this romper, it’s freaking AMAZING!  It’s all my denim dreams come true.  I hope you have a rad day!



2015-04-27 11.08.14-3 2015-04-27 11.08.14-1 2015-04-27 11.08.14-2 2015-04-27 11.08.13-4 2015-04-27 11.08.13-3 2015-04-27 11.08.13-2 2015-04-27 11.08.13-1 2015-04-27 11.08.12-5 2015-04-27 11.08.12-4 2015-04-27 11.08.12-3 2015-04-27 11.08.12-2 2015-04-27 11.08.12-1 2015-04-27 11.08.02


Denim Romper


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