New Traditions

Hello Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend and spent a lot of time with your moms.  I know I did.  Saturday morning Daniel and I invited my parents and his family over for breakfast.  We decided to make breakfast burritos, hash browns, eggs and bacon.  We told everyone to be at our house around 10:30 am.  We didn’t think everyone would be so punctual, but at 10:28 am both of our families were at the door.  We had nothing ready, but a few cut up veggies for the burritos.  I am so thankful my  mom brought a griddle and an electric frying pan over.  She really is a life saver and knows exactly what I need and when I need it.  45 minutes after they arrived breakfast or I guess brunch was served.  We have never cooked for 10 people before.  We thought, “oh breakfast burritos that will be easy”.  Well, I guess we were so wrong!  After everything was ready we had an enjoyable breakfast with our families.  I am so grateful both of them live so close.  We’ve decided to make breakfast the Saturday before Mother’s Day a tradition.  I love both of my mom’s so much!  They do so much for Daniel and me.  They have shaped us into the people we are today.  They are both such great examples to us!  Happy Mother’s Day Jules and Liane!

As for this outfit…  I never wore blue on blue together!  I always thought I looked lIke a Smurf, (if you don’t know what a Smurf is click here) but now since I am wiser and more mature I love blue on blue, navy on blue, light blue on blue, the list could go on forever.  I love that this top is striped so it breaks up the colors a little.  If you were like me and can’t do two blues together try a patterned blue top with a pair of blue jeans.  Adding a fun shoe or accessory of a different color helps too!  Enjoy your day!



DSC_2416140303 copy DSC_2425140303 DSC_2430140303 copy copy DSC_2432140303 DSC_2477140303 DSC_2487140303 DSC_2529140303 DSC_2534140303 DSC_2535140303 copy


Jeans From Hope Ave Check out Their Instagram Page Here (Similar Here)


Bag Sold Out (Similar Here) & (Here)



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