Print on Point

So, I am a sucker for a good 70’s print!  When I saw these pants I knew I had to get them.  I love that the print is small and the colors aren’t super bright.  If you’re self-conscious about wearing prints on your bottoms stay with dark colors and smaller prints.  Big prints can even scary me!  Anyway…  Let’s talk about this top.  I got it from Top Shop and the quality is amazing!  It is a little bit thicker and I am in love.  I should have gotten more colors when I was in Chicago.  I am the biggest sucker when it comes to grey and white tees.  I have a million, but for some reason I only wear a few of them.  I hate when one gets a hole in it or it’s just worn out and when you go back to buy it they are SOLD OUT!  Those two words, {SOLD OUT} are my biggest nightmare!  Well, I hope you have a super Hump Day!



PS This is my last post with long hair!  My hair cut is on the blog tomorrow!




DSC_2173140303DSC_2154140303 copyDSC_2146140303DSC_2144140303Top- Grey S/O (Exact Tee in White)




Purse- S/O (Similar Here)



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