Friday’s Favorites

I’m so excited that this is my first craft on my blog.  I am seriously obsessed with dishes.  Anytime I am in Target, Anthropologie, Ikea or Crate and Barrel I have to “look” at the dishes, which most of the time “look” means buy.  I really don’t have any more room left in my cupboards, but I will make room.  I was joking with my mom saying I might have to start storing dishes under our couch in the living room!  This craft is super inexpensive.  I got the plates from Tai Pan and the Dollar Tree.  Obviously, the plates at the Dollar Tree were $1, but they were also $1 and Tai Pan.  Really, that’s the only expense you have unless you don’t have Sharpies at your house, but if you don’t they are only a few dollars at the store.  First I decided what pattern I wanted to do.  I wanted two of my plates to say “Eat” on them so I used my Cricut machine and cut “Eat” onto vinyl and made it 4” tall.  I also choose the skinny text mode so all my text would fit on the plate.  Oh and I wanted square dishes because all my other ones are round.  I am a perfectionist so it took me a while to do all of these plates.  By looking at my plates you probably are thinking it wouldn’t take long, but I couldn’t decide what to put on the plates that didn’t say eat.  I tried arrows, triangles, hexagons and finally decided on the simple dot border.  I redid the dot pattern about 5 times on each plate.  Windex or rubbing alcohol will be your bff If you are like me and need to try a million different things before deciding on something.  Just put it on a paper towel or directly on the plate and wipe it off.  Once I was done with my design I let them sit overnight.  The next day I set my oven at 425 degrees and placed them in there for thirty minutes.  Don’t take them out until they are 100% cooled.  Also, note that the dishes you buy may say dishwasher safe, but if you put them in the dishwasher your design could wash off.  Hand wash them if you want them to last!  I hope you all try this fun craft!  If you do #themelissaedition on Instagram or DM me @themelissaedition.














Cricut (Mine is older) Similar {Here}


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