Go to Stripes

Hello!  So, my go to outfits always have some sort of stripe in them.  I don’t know what it is about a stripe, but I love them.  I’m pretty sure that’s how you all are too.  They go well with skirts, jeans, sweats, and just about everything else.  I love this outfit because it’s so effortless, but it looks like I took time to get ready.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing this outfit on rotation in my closet.  If you don’t have boyfriend jeans get some.  They are so versatile.  I wear mine with sandals, sneakers and heals.  It’s so fun to play around with them.  Anyway… Enough about this outfit.  I have a funny story for you.  So you all know that I got married about 10 months ago.  In my post about Daniel I said that he was Brazilian.  He came to America when he was about one and a half years old.  Once we were married we applied for his green card.  Finally months and months of waiting we got an interview to see if we would get approved or not.  We were both a little nervous because we didn’t know what kind of questions they were going to ask us.  We got all of our paper work done plus some.  The guy asked Daniel generic questions such as, what’s your name?  What’s your address?  What’s your date of birth?  He went on for a little and asked him some other things then it was my turn.  He asked me the same generic questions, but when he asked what day we got married I went blank!  I was thinking July 22 (which is the date we got married) but I said July 21!  He looked at me and said, “Your marriage license says the 22.”  Ugh! The most important question I needed to answer and I got wrong!  I was and am still so embarrassed!  I really do know what day we got married!  And don’t worry we passed and he’s getting his green card!  We are so happy.  Hopefully in the next few months we can go out of the country!  Yahoo!  I am so excited!  Well, I hope you got a laugh.  Have a good day!



DSC_9118140303 DSC_9127140303 DSC_9136140303 DSC_9141140303 copy DSC_9144140303 DSC_9150140303 copy DSC_9163140303 copy DSC_9167140303 DSC_9194140303 DSC_9208140303 DSC_9220140303 copy

Top From Forever 21 Found in Store. Similar {Here} Similar {Here}

Jeans From Zara Found in a NYC store Similar {Here} & {Here}

Shoes {Here}


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