Friday’s Favorites

It’s FriYAY and a long weekend!  Yahoo!  As you know I am doing a post every Friday with a few of my favorite things.  They won’t always be fashion related, just things that I love and can’t live without.  My first Friday’s Favorite is this Pampered Chef I Slice.  Guys, this little gadget is amazing.  I use it to cut open my mail (boxes and envelopes) and I don’t get paper cuts.  Those are seriously the worst!  You can also use it to open DVD’s or CD’s or anything that is hard to get into.  I know I hate using my nails or teeth on dumb little packages I can’t open.  The I Slice will change your life.  It has a little blade on the end and it only cuts through the first layer of paper, plastic, etc.  Now put down your scissors, knives and razor blades and go get this little guy now.  It is also magnetic so you can put it on your refrigerator.  I lose so many little gadgets and I’m so happy that this has a magnet on it.  I’ve only had to buy it once thank goodness!  My second favorite item is this pair of sunglasses!  I am a sunglass addict!  I just bought 10 pair this week.  That’s no joke, you can as Daniel.  I love any round or aviator shaped sunglass.  I choose those two styles the most because I think they are the most flattering on my face.  I’ve found a few affordable websites that only have sunglasses.  I know I misplace mine or sit on them or shove them in my purse without a case and they break.  I hate that, but since I am trying to buy more affordable sunglasses it’s not so painful when they break!  Lastly, is this Mac lip stick.  I love majority of Mac’s colors, but this one is called Lady Danger and I seriously can’t get enough of it.  It has a little bit of an orange tint to it, but ladies it looks so good on.  If you’re having a bad day put on a bold lip color and it will make you feel so much better.  I know some of you are saying I can’t pull off bright lip stick, but you can.  Just be daring and try a red or pink.  Those are always safe and fun, but I do encourage you to try this color!  I’ve bought it three times already!  Anyway… I hope you are going to enjoy your three-day weekend.  I know I am!  I am actually in Lake Mead right now!  Pics from my trip will be up sometime next week.



DSC_9225140303 DSC_9228140303 DSC_9344140303

I Slice {Here}

Sunglasses {Here}

Lip Stick {Here}


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