It’s Only Wednesday

Hello!  I know I had a four-day weekend and this week is one day shorter, but I wish it was the weekend already!  Do any of you feel that way too?  So, we went to Lake Mead for Memorial Day weekend (pics to come soon) and were in swim suits for three days.  It was a little depressing how out of shape Daniel and I are.  We went to the gym today, but only lasted 45 minutes!   We are so ridiculous and weak!  We also went to the store and got a lot of healthy food to eat.  Eating healthy is going to be hard for us because we love treats and chips so much!  But I know we can do it!  We need to start living a healthy lifestyle again.  Anyway…  I hope you have a great day!  The week is half way over!



DSC_8956140303 DSC_8968140303
DSC_8978140303 DSC_8994140303 DSC_9039140303

Top from Koo De Ker {Similar Here} & {Here} & {Here}

Shorts {Here}

Shoes {Here}

Clutch {Here}


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