Black and White Check

I know it’s summer and the hotter temps are here, but I just got this jacket at the Stylebuy sample sale in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago and I love it!  It’s Harlowe and Graham.  This brand is sold at Nordstrom.  I was so excited when I saw this great piece.  I’ve seen the black and white grid jackets before and have always wanted one.  Well, thank you Stylebuy for having a sample sale so I could find one!  I will for sure be wearing this all year-long!  Such an awesome timeless piece to have in your closet!

PS.  As you can see in some of these pictures that I am laughing super hard.  I got the giggles during this shoot and couldn’t stop laughing!  I’m surprised Shay got a few with me being serious.  She seriously is the best!  If you need a photographer for anything contact her!  You won’t regret it.



DSC_4001140303 DSC_4008140303 DSC_4025140303 DSC_4041140303 DSC_4056140303





NIKON001 (1)
Jacket Harlowe and Graham {Similar Here}

Top {Here}

Jeans {Similar Here}

Shoes {Similar Here}

Photography {Here}



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