My Husbands Closet

Happy Thursday!  There’s only two more days until the weekend!  I hope you have fun plans for Father’s Day!  I know I do, we are going camping with my dad and family.  I am super excited to go four wheeling, sleep under the stars and have s’mores!  Anyway… Let’s talk about this shirt.  I bought it for my husband at the Adidas store in Chicago, but I often wear it.  I tried ordering an Adidas top from the women’s section, but they were always sold out.  There are a few items in Daniel’s closet that I love and take for myself to wear.  Sometimes his clothes look better than mine!  Ladies, am I the  only one who does this?  I love how loose this top is and I love that flared jeans are coming back into style.  I bought these jeans 10 years ago, but could never get myself to throw them out.  Boy, am I happy I didn’t.  I love them!  I decided with this outfit instead of wearing my typical skinny jean I would throw this top with these jeans and I love it.  It’s still a super simple outfit, but it has a 70’s flare to it.  If you don’t have flares go get some!  K bye!





DSC_3948140303DSC_3903140303 DSC_3905140303 DSC_3946140303




T-Shirt {Here}

Jeans {Similar Here} 

Shoes {Here}



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