As If

Please tell me majority of you have seen the movie Clueless.  It really is one of my favorites.  I remember when it came out I would wear the mini skirts and the knee-high socks.  I even tried to recreate the box that Ty brings over to Cher’s house with all the Elton memorabilia in it.  Let’s just say mine sucked and was not at all cute!  I have this movie downloaded on my Iphone and I watch it on my flights when I travel for work.  I can sometimes be gone three to four times a month so I’m watching it a lot.  I am obsessed with this graphic tee from Kingdom and State.  If you don’t know I actually work for that amazing company.  I am the Wholesale Sales Rep.  When I saw this shirt was coming out for Spring/Summer I was so excited.  I have worn it multiple times and it will be on rotation in my closet all year.  I am super excited to wear it with jackets for the fall.  I know the first day of summer just happened, but I am always excited to dress for lower temperatures.  Anyway, right now if you go shop at Kingdom and States website you can get 30% off your order.  Just put promo code party23 in when you check out!  Hurry now and go to their site.  You only have one weeks to use this code!  Happy Friday peeps!



DSC_9121140303 DSC_9170140303 DSC_9149140303 DSC_9216140303 DSC_9137140303 DSC_9125140303 DSC_9281140303

Top {Here}

Shorts Similar {Here} & {Here} & {Here}

Shoes {Here}


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