Hair Up

Oh hey!  As you can probably tell by my other posts and pictures I don’t wear my hair up. This is one of my insecurities, but I think my face is too round to pull it up.  These are just all my own thoughts, but I think when my hair is back it makes my face look really fat.  You’ll even notice when I go to the pool or lake or workout that my hair is down.  I wanted to change my hair up a little bit for some of my pictures, but didn’t know what to do.  I know it doesn’t look like a big change because I have a hat on, but it is a huge change for me.  I always keep my hair down when I have a hat on, but I love the low bun look with a few of my front hairs pulled out.  You will probably be seeing this look a lot more from here on out.  I love this hat so it’ll make many appearances in my photos throughout the whole year.



DSC_9043140303 copy
DSC_9100140303 copy DSC_9101140303 copy copy DSC_9117140303 DSC_9015

DSC_9047140303 copyTop from Zara Similar {Here} & {Here}

Shoes Sam and Libby from Target Similar {Here}

Hat {Here}

Sunglasses {Here}


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