Culottes & Life Lessons

Hello!  I know it’s Wednesday, but I am still trying to get into the swing of things after the holiday weekend!  The past few days I have been lagging a little.  Friday we went boating and the weather was perfect!  There obviously were a lot of boats on the lake, but we still had fun.  The only sucky part about our day was breaking down and being stranded on the water!  We called the rangers office, but they were dealing with an accident and said they would get to us as soon as they were done.  We tried to flag people down, but for some reason no one was willing to stop and help.  We were getting a little worried because we were getting close to shore and didn’t want the bottom of the boat to hit rocks.  We were just about to jump out and push the boat to safety when some people stopped and asked if we needed help.  Honestly, they were the last people who I thought would stop.  It was a group of friends, two guys and one girl.  They were a little harsh looking, but so nice!  They helped tie a rope onto our boat and slowly pulled us to the ramp.  One of the guys even came into our boat to check the motor and things out to see if he knew what was wrong.  I feel bad that I made a snap judgement on them.  I for sure learned a lesson last week and will never judge someone on their appearance.  I wish I knew their names so I could send them a thank you.  I know this outfit has nothing to do with my weekend or my story, but I thought it was a good lesson to share with everyone.  Anyway…  These culottes are one of my favorite pieces from Kingdom and State.  They are seriously the!  If you haven’t tried culottes try them NOW!  I know that these are white, but they are thick and not see through at all.  Plus they are so comfy and flattering.  I really feel so skinny in them!  Yahoo!  Who doesn’t love that feeling?  Anyway…  I think I’ve talked your ears off enough!  Bye!



DSC_2184140303 DSC_2188140303 DSC_2208140303 DSC_2212140303 DSC_2217140303 DSC_2218140303 DSC_2225140303 DSC_2232140303 DSC_2236140303

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Culottes {Here}

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