Happy FriYAY everyone!  I hope you have fun plans this weekend!  I am super excited to just chill this weekend.  We haven’t had a weekend home in five weeks!  Today for my Friday’s Favorites I am going to talk about hats.  I am obsessed with hats.  They can really make an outfit look complete.  I am very OCD when I buy hats.  I can’t wear floppy brim hats.  The brim has to be stiff or it looks super funny on my head.  Every time I go into a store I have to try them on.  Majority of the time I know they will be floppy, but hey it never hurts to try.  I found these two hats at forever 21.  I am seriously so surprised how good Forever 21’s product is getting!  I’ve seen hats that look like this and they are $60-100.  I bought both of these for under $20 each!  What a steal!  They are exactly what I’ve been looking for too.  I need to go back and buy the other colors.  They for sure are a staple in my closet all year around!  Anyway… Have a good day!  Bye!



3 thoughts on “Hats

  1. Love them! I think a girl should always have at least one hat in her closet. I’ve found some pretty awesome hats at anthropologie and believe it or not, target! 🙂


  2. these are beautiful and make me want to run out and buy a hat right now!! i’ve been looking forever but i still haven’t found my hat soul mate 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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