Is it Christmas Yet?

So I am posting some more about Bermuda shorts!  I was cleaning out mine and Daniel’s closet last week and found these shorts.  I bought them last year at Asos, but never worn them because I forgot I had them!  They were folded under a ton of jeans and shoved in the back of our closet.  I love finding things like this in my closet.  It’s pretty much like Christmas morning!  JKJK  Nothing is better than Christmas morning!  Speaking of Christmas I told Daniel last week that in four months I get to put our Christmas Decorations up!  Guys you have no idea how much I love Christmas!  I can’t wait!!!!!!  I actually watched a Christmas movie on Friday after work.  It was on TV so I had to!  It was on the Hallmark Channel.  It was the one called Snow Bride.  I seriously love those movies and I can’t wait until they are on every hour of the day during the holidays!  Anyway… enough about Christmas.  I hope you have a good day!



DSC_2072140303 DSC_2074140303 DSC_2075140303 DSC_2083140303 DSC_2102140303

Top Old {Similar Here}

Shorts Old {Smilar Here} & {Here}

Shoes {Here}

Photography {Here}




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