It’s Been a Year!

Today is mine and Daniel’s one year anniversary!  I really can not believe it’s been a year.  It kind of makes me sick how fast time flies!  Being married to Daniel is so much fun and I love every second of it, but don’t think the first year wasn’t a little difficult for us.  I lived by myself in our house for a year and a half.  I was super independent and was stuck in my ways.  I liked things in a certain spot and liked to do things a certain way.  Well, obviously when Daniel moved in, things weren’t getting done like I liked them and I would find things out-of-place.  I am a little OCD and it would drive me nuts.  I finally had to realize that my way isn’t the “right” way and had to let stupid little things go.  Those little things aren’t worth an argument.  Anyway… Since we have been married 12 months I thought I would share 12 things I love about being married
1.  There is always someone to support you no matter what it is.  I feel like Daniel is my #1 fan.  He is always encouraging me to do things and to be my very best.  When I was toying with the idea of starting my blog he never once said I don’t think you should do it.  He was super positive and supported me 100%.  When I get discouraged about something he is always there to lift me up and point me in the right direction.
2.  There was a time when we were dating that I was on my “best” behavior.  I know we all do it, but that’s the time when you don’t let your craziness come out, hide your emotions, act super confident and don’t eat very much.  Now since we are married I can be as emotional as I want and Daniel is there to lend a shoulder to cry on.  I don’t just have to eat salads when we go out to eat and he won’t judge me if I have to unbutton my pants after dinner because I ate too much.  I can say and do whatever I want and I know I’m not being judged.  I can even sing (more like yell) in the car or shower as loud as I want and he will join or laugh and tell me how cute I am.  I am 100% comfortable being my self around him and I love it!
3.  So we all get sick or for us women have a time of the month which isn’t the best time for us.  Daniel is the best and doesn’t let that stuff gross him out.  He has for sure had to deal with some tough times especially after I got my IUD in.  He was so cute and took such good care of me.  If I needed a bath he would draw one for me and add lavender oil in it.  He would even come in and wash my hair for me because I was too weak to do it for myself.  Once you’re married all the “gross” things aren’t so gross anymore.  You love your spouse just as much or even more after having to take care of them.  They are 100% vulnerable and at their worst, but knowing that someone is putting all of that aside is very comforting.
4.  I am a huge cuddlier.  Every night when we fall asleep I am over on Daniel’s side with my legs on top of him.  He always says we only use half of the bed, but that is his fault for not coming to me.  Sleeping next to someone is so much better than sleeping alone.  If I’m ever cold I know I can snuggle up next to Daniel and he will keep me warm.  Having a forever cuddle buddy is the best!
5.  We try to eat healthy, but sometimes getting pizza, popcorn, McDonald’s, Cafe Rio, ice cream, chips, etc are so much better.  And when you have that comfort food watching Netflix is a must.  We just got done with 11 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.  We didn’t watch them every night, but close to it.  Daniel mostly slept because we would watch them at night and he’s not so much of a night owl.  I always had to catch him up on what was going on.  I love love love picking a series we both love and watching it together.  It’s a good activity to do together.  It makes you spend time together when your lives are super hectic and crazy even if it is only for an hour.  I can’t wait to pick our next series.  I’m pretty sure I need to let Daniel pick this one or our Netfilx dates will be over!  HA
6.  I think I’m pretty funny, but Daniel reassures me all the time that I am.  I love laughing with him!  We tell each other jokes, random stories, talk in weird voices and go on random rants about one item or subject all the time.  I love it so much.  We are always laughing together!  It’s seriously the best to have someone get your corks and not make fun of your for them, but love them.
7.  Daniel is the most thoughtful person ever.  I travel a lot for work and I find random notes in my suitcase.  It’s so cute and I cry every time I read them.  He is Brazilian so he is a sweet talker!  He also gets me flowers randomly just for the heck of it.  He just isn’t getting them for me for holidays, anniversaries or to say sorry.  I love coming home to find flowers on the table.  One time I got home from a work trip and he had flowers and candy laid out on the table when I got home.  It was so cute because he didn’t throw it on the table, he arranged everything where he wanted it to be and it was so cute and neat.  I love the little random things he does for me!
8.  Daniel has become the best listener.  There are times when I just want to vent and not have someone tell me not to do it.  It took him a few times to not give advice, but now he let’s me go on a rant about whatever I want.  I also love coming home to him and telling him about my day at work or stories I heard or read.  We usually talk on the phone everyday when he is driving home from work.  There’s been a few times he hasn’t called and I was super sad.  I love those calls where we can catch up on our days and just talk about whatever.  Most of the time the stories I tell him are super useless, but I know that he will engage with me and act super excited if I’m super excited.
9.  So we have been married a year and I said I wouldn’t be that person who gets super fat after the first year.  Guys it’s hard.  We are so busy all the time and eating out is just so much easier and more convenient.  I haven’t gone up a pant size yet, but I know if I do Daniel will still tell me I’m super skinny and love my body no matter what.  I have fat days often and break down and cry or get mad because I don’t have anything to wear.  Daniel is always right there to lift me up and tell me exactly what I want and need to hear.  In his eyes I am always beautiful and I love that about him!
10.  I love having a 24/7 buddy.  There is always someone to go get food with you late at night.  Or go on a random over nighter.  Or go on some adventure with you.  It’s even nice to have someone keep you company when you go grocery shopping.  Now that Daniel has his green card we are going to go on out of country adventures and I love that I get to share all of these memories with him!
11.  Before I started the blog I was huge on taking pictures.  Daniel has gone through the pain of taking engagements (which lasted almost three hours), bridals, fall photos and Christmas card photos.  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but no matter where we go we are taking a picture or 50 haha  I told him that we need to document or memories.  We bought a professional camera, a tri pod, a Polaroid, a selfie stick and a go pro plus we have our phones.  We for sure have everything we need to get the perfect picture.  Now since he knows he can’t get out of it he just smiles and does it.  He used to complain, but he still had to do it.  He always jokes that I’m going to be the crazy camera mom who chases her kids everywhere.  I already know I will, but he and our kids will thank me one day!
12.  I could do more than 12 reasons why I love being married and why I love Daniel, but lastly for now I love that he chose me to spend the rest of his life with.  From the first time we hung out we had a connection.  Everything was super easy when we were dating and we always wanted to be together.  We would make an effort to see each other all the time even if it was for only an hour.  I told some friends after a few dates that I was going to marry him and I did!  I love that he makes me feel special every single day.  Like I said earlier we have our arguments and disagreements, but in the end everything is resolved and we love each other more.  Daniel, I love you so much and I can’t wait for many more anniversaries we get to spend together!
I’ve only shared a few engagments, bridals and wedding day photos with people, but here are some of my favorites.  It’s only about 1/32 of them haha we took a lot of pictures!
DSC_9158 DSC_9089 DSC_9003 copy DSC_8994 copy DSC_8924 DSC_8910 DSC_8879 DSC_8856 DSC_8852 DSC_8820 DSC_8715 DSC_8714 DSC_8635
DSC_8571 DSC_8530 DSC_8346 DSC_8283 DSC_8227 DSC_8205 DSC_8130 DSC_8105 DSC_7985 DSC_7980 DSC_7914
Wedding Day
DSC_1706 DSC_1771 DSC_1884 DSC_1903 DSC_1929DSC_2444DSC_2447DSC_2486DSC_2502DSC_3078DSC_3745DSC_3883DSC_3899DSC_3897 copy

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