NYC Restaurants

So today I’m sharing two of my favorite restaurants in NYC.  I was just there for work and every time I go I have to go to these places.  The first one is called Jack’s Wife Freda.  It is in Soho on Lafayette Street.  It’s super small, but so good.  I got the tuna salad and fries.  The portions are good-sized.  You will for sure get full.  The second place is Empanada Mama.  It’s in Mid Town on 9th Ave and in between 51-52nd street.  It is seriously a hole in the wall, but it is so good!  It is always packed when I go so plan for a 20-45 minute wait.  I always start with a mint lemonade and guacamole with plantain chips.  It’s by far one of the best guacamole’s I have ever had.  They have tons of empanadas, but I get the spinach and cheese, mushroom and one called the Viagra.  I know the name isn’t the best, but it’s a sea food empanada and it is amazing!  If you’re going to NYC soon go to those places.  I promise you won’t regret it!






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