Old Maid

Hello!  I’ve been doing a little thinking about the past 10 years of my life.  I love my life, but with school starting and all it makes me think of high school.  I know, I’m that person, but in high school I didn’t have any responsibilities or cares in the world besides cheer, dance and boys!  I’ve been alone this whole week because I am in Dallas for work.  I have a lot of time to myself and I was thinking would I have changed things in my life that lead me to this point?  The only thing I would have changed was being more serious about school.  I went to some college, but never graduated.  Sometimes I think I should go back, but I don’t want to be the old maid in all of her classes.  Plus I haven’t been back for so long that I would have to take some of my general classes again and I do not want to be old enough to be a Freshman’s mother! HAHA  I feel like if I would have finished school I would have a better sense and direction in my life.  Being an adult is fun, but sometimes I wish I was that 16-year-old cheerleader whose parents still paid for everything!  Anyway…  Sorry for the rant.  Being alone so much sometimes isn’t good because my brain goes a million miles an hour and thinks of all the what could have beens.  I hope you have a good Friday!



DSC_8436140303 DSC_8437140303 DSC_8444140303 DSC_8445140303 DSC_8446140303 DSC_8447140303 DSC_8456140303 DSC_8461140303 DSC_8465140303

Overalls Thrifted (Similar Here) & (Here)

Top Old From Brandy Melville (Similar Here)

Shoes (Here)



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