Thanksgiving Eve

Hello!  I am so excited that tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I love all the food and I love spending time with my family.  My mom is the best cook in the world and her Thanksgivings are the best.  She is really the best mom too.  She makes all of us our own home-made pie.  I get chocolate, my sister get banana cream and my brother gets lemon then she makes a few pumpkins and a berry pie.  I hope that one day when I have kids my Thanksgivings are as good as hers.  Last weekend I hosted Friendsgiving and had to make the turkey.  My mom came over and helped me clean out the turkey and get it all prepped and ready to put in the oven.  If she wouldn’t have been there to clean it out I don’t think we would have had a turkey!  I was super grossed out, but by the time it came down to buttering it I actually touched the turkey skin without gagging too much! 😉  Anyway…  I’ll keep this post short.  Have a good weekend and travel safe!



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Jacket From Tai Pan Website {Here}

Jeans {Here}

Boots Last Season From Zara Similar {Here} & {Here} & {Here}




Hi hi!  I know my last few posts I raved about my fave Top Shop jeans, but I got these distressed jeans from Empire Street and I am all heart eyes over them.  They are so comfortable and I love how they look.  If you are in Utah go check their store out, but if not you can shop on their website.  Now let’s talk about this cardi.  It is so perfect!  I love the ombre look and I am obsessed with long cardis!  They go well with dresses, skirts and jeans!  They are a must in everyone’s closet!  Anyway…  Have a good day!  I hope your work week is only three days like mine!  Yahoo!



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Jeans (Here)

Cardi {Here}

Friends Forever

Hello!  I have been such a slacker on writing blog posts.  Life has just been so busy!  Anyway…  I found this friends forever shirt at Zara in NYC when I was there last month.  I fell in love with it right away and it was only $8.  It’s the perfect graphic tee and I will be wearing it all fall under my jackets and cardigans!  Also, I’ve been looking for the perfect denim skirt and I found this one on  I love it and can’t wait to pair it with some boots and a sweater!



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Top {Here}

Skirt {Similar Here} & {Here}

Because I’m Happy

Good morning!  I am a sucker for a good graphic tee and this one is amazing!  I got it from My Sisters Closet Boutique.  I love graphics because you can wear them casually with jeans or shorts or dress them up with a nice jacket or pair them with a skirt.  This tee though is so soft and comfy.  When I put it on I didn’t want to take it off!  I promise if you get it you will love it!  I think it’s going to be my go to Sunday tee from here on out!  Anyway…  right now you can get 15% off your purchase at My Sister’s Closet Boutique by entering coupon code SHOPMSCB at check out.  Now run don’t walk and get this tee!  Have a good day!


MelissaDSC_1458140303 DSC_1465140303 DSC_1470140303 DSC_1472140303 DSC_1476140303 DSC_1479140303 DSC_1485140303 DSC_1492140303 DSC_1493140303 DSC_1495140303

Tee {Here}

Eyelash Serum 

So I’m super excited about this post! I am obsessed with my lashes and would do anything to make them look amazing. I do have lash extensions, but I just tried this eyelash serum, Strong Lash to help them grow and get stronger. I used it for 30 days and my lashes are so much thicker and stronger. If you don’t have eyelash extensions and want your eyelashes to grow longer and stronger you need to try this eyelash serum. It is life changing! Trust me if you’re super anal about your lashes like I am this serum is for you! You will be able to see results so soon after using this eyelash serum. I have teamed up with Strong Lash to give all of my readers 30% off this product. Go to and enter tme30 at checkout.



Strong Lash {Website}

After using the serum for 30 days

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Fall Where Are You?

Hi!  I have been traveling a lot this month and everywhere I have gone has been so hot!  I am in Vegas right now and I am literally melting my face off!  It is 114 degrees!  I am so ready for cold weather and over cast days.  Don’t get me wrong this summer has been so fun.  I love the boat and being on the lake or at a pool, but it’s time for summer to end!  Bye bye triple digit days!  I need a good 60-70 degree day!  Ahhhh!  I really can’t say it enough, but I need fall to be here ASAP!  Anyway…  Have a good Monday!



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Jacket from H  & M I got it during their summer sale for $14 (Similar Here)

Jeans from Zara (Similar Here)

Top from Top Shop (Similar Here)

Shoes from Forever 21 (Similar Here) 

Wallet (Here)

Old Maid

Hello!  I’ve been doing a little thinking about the past 10 years of my life.  I love my life, but with school starting and all it makes me think of high school.  I know, I’m that person, but in high school I didn’t have any responsibilities or cares in the world besides cheer, dance and boys!  I’ve been alone this whole week because I am in Dallas for work.  I have a lot of time to myself and I was thinking would I have changed things in my life that lead me to this point?  The only thing I would have changed was being more serious about school.  I went to some college, but never graduated.  Sometimes I think I should go back, but I don’t want to be the old maid in all of her classes.  Plus I haven’t been back for so long that I would have to take some of my general classes again and I do not want to be old enough to be a Freshman’s mother! HAHA  I feel like if I would have finished school I would have a better sense and direction in my life.  Being an adult is fun, but sometimes I wish I was that 16-year-old cheerleader whose parents still paid for everything!  Anyway…  Sorry for the rant.  Being alone so much sometimes isn’t good because my brain goes a million miles an hour and thinks of all the what could have beens.  I hope you have a good Friday!



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Overalls Thrifted (Similar Here) & (Here)

Top Old From Brandy Melville (Similar Here)

Shoes (Here)


I’m Not A Morning Person

Happy Monday!  This tee describes me perfectly!  I have never been a morning person.  I’ve tried and I just can’t do it.  I am the person who hits snooze 10 times before they actually get up!  When I was in Jr. High and High School my mom had to get me up every morning.  I could not get up on my own and once I was up I would fall asleep in the shower for a good 15-20 minutes.  I don’t know what it is about mornings, but I hate them!  I can stay up all night, but when it comes to getting up I dread it!  A few weeks ago on a Sunday, Daniel was trying to get me up and I just wouldn’t.  First of all it was Sunday and I  don’t need to get up early.  He was so frustrated and told me that I wasted my day.  Maybe I did, but it felt so nice to sleep in!  If you were like me and now you’re a morning person please tell me what you did!  I would love to be chipper in the mornings and actually get things done!  Anyway…  Have a good day!



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Jeans (Similar Here)

Shoes (Here)

Backpack From Forever 21 Sold Out (One of my Favorites Here) 

Denim Culottes

Hey Monday!  To me it doesn’t feel like a Monday since I have been working all weekend.  I’ve been in NYC since Saturday for work.  I took the red-eye on Friday night.  My flight was at 10:30 PM so I got to the airport an hour or so before.  When I was checking in they told me my flight was delayed two and a half hours!  I called Daniel and he was too far from the airport to come back and get me.  I watched some Netflix until I got to board the plane.  Once everyone was on we sat on the plane for another hour.  It was 2 am before we took off.  Saturday was such a long day, but I took a little nap before I went exploring.  In a few days I will be talking about my favorite restaurants in NYC.  Anyway…  I got these culottes from and I am in love!  They are seriously the best and they are so cute!  I can’t wait to wear them with a bootie when it’s fall!  Kk…  It’s late here in NYC and I have to get up early to go to work.  Have a good day!



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Culottes {Here}

Shoes {Here}

Top Old from


Hello!  This post is going to be a little short.  I am leaving for NYC tonight and I need to pack.  I always wait until the last-minute.  Anyway…  I got this ring and bracelet from Rocksbox.  Rocksbox is a company that lets you rent jewelry monthly for only $19.  Right now if you use coupon code themelissaeditionxoxo you’ll get your first month for FREE!  You need to subscribe now.  It’s such a great idea to rent jewelry and try it out before you actually buy it.  Rocksbox gives you the option to buy the pieces you get if you love them and can’t part with them.  You can exchange the pieces as much as you want within the month too.  Kk, go to their website now and get a FREE month!  You won’t regret it.  Again, the coupon code is themelissaeditionxoxo.  Have a good day!



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Rocksox Website {Here}