Eyelash SerumĀ 

So I’m super excited about this post! I am obsessed with my lashes and would do anything to make them look amazing. I do have lash extensions, but I just tried this eyelash serum, Strong Lash to help them grow and get stronger. I used it for 30 days and my lashes are so much thicker and stronger. If you don’t have eyelash extensions and want your eyelashes to grow longer and stronger you need to try this eyelash serum. It is life changing! Trust me if you’re super anal about your lashes like I am this serum is for you! You will be able to see results so soon after using this eyelash serum. I have teamed up with Strong Lash to give all of my readers 30% off this product. Go to http://www.stronglash.com/ and enter tme30 at checkout.



Strong Lash {Website}

After using the serum for 30 days

DSC_1606140303 DSC_1613140303